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North CarolinaOld Albatross's, Tarheel by birth but........
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Tennessee..... Volunteer by the grace of God.
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PennsylvaniaWaterfalls photographed by Old Albatross and Friends
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AlabamaAlabama mountain country is a well kept secret. The DeSoto State Park is a waterfaller's Heaven and inexpensive with a very good restaurant. I'll be back.
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CaliforniaWaterfalls visited in California
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GeorgiaWaterfalls found in the state of Georgia
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IdahoWaterfalls of Idaho
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MontanaWaterfalls of montana
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ConnecticutBeing a little distance from the Oldalbatross roost we had not been to Connecticut for some time.

Glad we came!
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MarylandWhen I think of Maryland, I think of crab cakes.

The state is way more than than sea food. The Western part of Maryland has the two elements needed for waterfalls, hills and water, much the same as their neighbor, West Virginia.

History is everywhere one looks. You gotta go!
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Virginiaphotos and data on waterfalls I have visited in the state of Virginia.
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West VirginiaBeing a totally mountainous state waterfalls are almost everwhere.
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South Carolinawaterfalls located in South Carolina
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VermontFantastic Waterfalls state. From what I read, a lot of Vermont's waterfalls are the result of glacier activity.

Lots of broken large rocks andnarrow gorges.
New YorkThere is more to New York than just the city and Niagra.
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MaineI was stationed in Limestone and knew one should be South during Winter months but, also knew it to be a state with breath taking beauty.

Glad I returned as a tourist and visited the Souther part of Maine this time.
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New hampshire
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New JerseyJersey does have waterfalls. Wish I had taken more time to look for more waterfalls.
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Last additions - WATERFALLS USA
Worth the effort?673 viewsThis is a part of Florida most have not heard of but, being in the area I took the drive and was surprised it was really a waterfalls.Feb 25, 2015
OA on the abiss 638 viewsThe park is set up real niece, with board walks and platforms but, if one is a serious waterfalls photographer it would take rappelling to get to the bottom of the sinkhole to get a good shot.Feb 25, 2015
Sink Hole Plunge664 viewsThe water was nearly non-existent on our arival and lighting could not have been worse but, who can pass up the tallest water fall in Florida? The falls plunges 73 ft into a sink hole that appears to have been there forever.Feb 25, 2015
Mill Creek Falls 610 viewsAs easy as it gets! The falls is on private property but, being a camping ministry, they are easy to get along with. Please, check in with the camp.Jan 25, 2015
Mill Creek Falls 598 viewsAs easy as it gets! The falls is on private property but, being a camping ministry, they are easy to get along with. Please, check in with the camp.Jan 25, 2015
Upper Falls531 viewsIf you passed the Rock Serpent and down an 8 ft drop to the creek this will be your reward. This upper falls we did not know about.Jan 25, 2015

Last viewed - WATERFALLS USA
Gentry Falls485 viewsDouble waterfalls in Johnson County TN.
A moderate two mile, one way, hike.
Apr 06, 2019 at 08:10 PM
Margarette Falls599 viewsDave at Margarette Falls (Taken by Bol'Dar January 2011)Apr 06, 2019 at 08:10 PM
Bailey Falls470 viewsDave at Bailey Falls (taken by RAT 5-28-2011)Apr 06, 2019 at 08:10 PM
Top171 viewsThe top of devil's creek falls, main falls.Mar 29, 2019 at 08:12 AM
Drive Up Falls528 viewsAs tough as you want it; drive up or a death defying climb.Mar 29, 2019 at 07:39 AM
From The top194 viewsThis view of Coon Den if grom the bottom looking straight up.

Coon Den is near Hampton, TN. Just ask any local for Dennis Cove, go over the mountain, pass the Appalachian Trail and keep looking on your right for the trail going up. It is well marked and just about a half mile.
Mar 29, 2019 at 07:01 AM