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SOLID GOLDFor those who "Must Go Out" and the planes they fly.
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PHOTO OF THE DAY plusJust Fleeting images in life's Viewfinder
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CRYING ALBATROSS AWARDNo community would want the Crying Albatross Award. It is given for a stream that has become a dump. Is your stream or waterfalls listed here?
1 2
MISCELLANEOUS A collection of various and diverse subjects.
Albatross Crew MembersIf for some unknown reason, you would like to become a member of the crew, just take a hike.........OOPS! I mean take a hike with us.

You will first be shown under FEATURED for a month or so, then if you contact us by filling out the form, you will be moved to CREW MEMBER. If no contact after a month I will assume you do not, wisely, desire to be a crew member and your photo will be removed.
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Featured And Folks We Meet Just temporary things to smile about. New Friends are listed here.
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THINGS THAT GO BANGThis category is about the hobby of shooting, the folks who love it and as usual the humor I see in it.
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North CarolinaOld Albatross's, Tarheel by birth but........
46 143
Tennessee..... Volunteer by the grace of God.
64 254
PennsylvaniaWaterfalls photographed by Old Albatross and Friends
4 6
AlabamaAlabama mountain country is a well kept secret. The DeSoto State Park is a waterfaller's Heaven and inexpensive with a very good restaurant. I'll be back.
9 26
CaliforniaWaterfalls visited in California
1 4
GeorgiaWaterfalls found in the state of Georgia
4 8
IdahoWaterfalls of Idaho
2 7
MontanaWaterfalls of montana
1 6
ConnecticutBeing a little distance from the Oldalbatross roost we had not been to Connecticut for some time.

Glad we came!
1 4
MarylandWhen I think of Maryland, I think of crab cakes.

The state is way more than than sea food. The Western part of Maryland has the two elements needed for waterfalls, hills and water, much the same as their neighbor, West Virginia.

History is everywhere one looks. You gotta go!
1 4
3 8
Virginiaphotos and data on waterfalls I have visited in the state of Virginia.
9 61
West VirginiaBeing a totally mountainous state waterfalls are almost everwhere.
6 15
South Carolinawaterfalls located in South Carolina
1 3
VermontFantastic Waterfalls state. From what I read, a lot of Vermont's waterfalls are the result of glacier activity.

Lots of broken large rocks andnarrow gorges.
New YorkThere is more to New York than just the city and Niagra.
2 2
MaineI was stationed in Limestone and knew one should be South during Winter months but, also knew it to be a state with breath taking beauty.

Glad I returned as a tourist and visited the Souther part of Maine this time.
1 5
New hampshire
1 3
New JerseyJersey does have waterfalls. Wish I had taken more time to look for more waterfalls.
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1 3
3 5
2 8
Costa RicaBecause of our schedule we did not get to see some of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Sounds like a reason to return.
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Bicycle Trails And TripsIf you are looking for mountain bike trails, man you picked the wrong place. This is Geriatric biking.

We ride mostly Rail-Trails, an occasional bridge, like the Golden Gate, and are presently riding a tow path, or canal trail.

Some of our trips are specifically for biking. These get local attractions added to the bike ride and associated trails.
Virginia Creeper Trail
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Greenbrier River Trail
1 0
New River Trail
1 1
Great Allegheny Passage
1 2
Quebec via Pennsylvania, New York
1 5
San Francisco
1 1
C & O Tow Path Trail
2 9
Guest River Gorge Railtrail, Virginia
1 13
2 10
ArchesA collection of arches found around the country.
1 3
Tenessee ArchesA collection of arches found in the state of Tennessee.
2 9
Kentucky ArchesArches we photographed in kentucky
PLANES, TRAINS, CRITTERS AND ODD THINGSBeing retired from Coast Guard Aviation with an engineering background I like odd things.

If you are a hiker you know the odd things one comes across in the back country. Hope you find my collection amusing and iif you chuckle that is ok also.
Odd Stuff
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Buzzard rock and old Soldiers

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Craftsman350 viewsMet this kind man near Dayton, TN. While having a hard time photographing Sandhilll Cranes he saw us and invited us onto his property.

He was such an interesting fellow I forgot to photograph the Cranes. Study this face and you will find a personality that is rare today.

He gave us the tour of his property, which includes a woodworking shop of beauty.

As soon as he contacts us we willl add him permanently to the web site and see if we can show off some of his craft.
Apr 14, 2018 at 02:02 AM
River Wall134 viewsNo, I didn't mean to say river walk. That really is a wall built in the edge of the river.

i would guess, due to it being located in the curve of the river, it prevents the railroad from being washed out.

Too much rain in the mountains makes great waterfalls but, is devastating to railroads that run along the banks of the river.
Apr 14, 2018 at 02:02 AM
Downstream from Brogden90 viewsWe found this little bonus just down stream fro Brogden Creek Falls.Apr 14, 2018 at 02:02 AM
Lower Panthertown Creek Falls96 viewsThe hike to the lower falls is pretty easy until the turn off below The Great Wall, then there is nothing that can be called a trail, just a few faded ribbons and a few clips.

This 0.2 mile bushwhack through a recent controlled burn I would rate difficult for those not accustomed to Bushwhacking.
Apr 14, 2018 at 02:01 AM
The Lower Falls93 viewsThe lower Falls is about 20 ft or so but quiet pretty.Apr 14, 2018 at 02:01 AM
Another side364 viewsIf you venture up on the "Big" rock you get this view of the falls emptying into this "trench" and running off the right side and under the big rock.Apr 14, 2018 at 02:01 AM